Phew, this was a hard session.

First I cut out some hands – his right hand doesn’t need fingers as they are covered by his left hand.


Then I slightly flattened some tube on the end to make his forearms and welded the hands into the forearms.


Then followed endless pothering, trimming, offering up, more trimming, tacking in place, breaking off, trimming again……. hopefully you get the picture.

Finally, I think I have got the shoulders, elbows and hands in a reasonable shape to reach the top of the spade. I kept going back to hold a real spade myself to see how it should work.



I had planned to fill out the shape of his body with some strips of flat steel but this is looking more tricky now that the arms are in place.  I think I will sleep on it before going further.

For the moment, I think I need to go and have a lie down!!