You have to make a start somewhere so I chose the head.  Jack will have a hat so I’m not overly worried about the shape of the top of the head.

First I marked out the shape I wanted on a piece of newspaper.


Then I marked the shape onto a piece of 2mm sheet steel, cut the shape with the plasma machine, tidied it up and bent it into a cylinder, finally welding up the back.


I cut a couple of triangles of steel and welded them together to form a nose.


Finally I welded the nose onto the face.  I will give him eyes, which will be m12 stainless steel nuts attached behind (I still have to buy a couple of nuts).  I’m unsure whether to give him teeth or not – I might knock some up and see what they look like.

2016-11-02-15-49-47 2016-11-02-15-50-13

I think I will have a go at the hat next.