A local school has asked me to knock up a metal scarecrow for the school gardening club. Apparently, the previous incumbent was made of wood and was, sadly, burned by vandals.  My metal version will be fairly sturdy so, unless they turn up with a JCB or suchlike, I think the vandals will have a fairly hard time doing too much damage to him.

One of the parents at the school works for a local boat builder and kindly arranged for me to visit the factory for a rummage through the scrap bin. With the metal I picked up there and metal of my own I have left over from other jobs I hope to have enough material for the job. The budget is quite small for the size of the job – I took it on because it seemed like a worthwhile cause but also because it sounded like a fun project and I haven’t been particularly active on the metal sculpture front recently.

The scarecrow will be more or less life-size so I am basing him on my own proportions.

Let’s call him Jack.

The example the school gave me was made from scrap and not particularly lifelike so I’m not going to worry too much about making Jack a literal interpretation of a person.