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Next job is to cut and bend the bars for the body and to weld them to the face.  Making the bars is a little bit trial and error in that I don’t have a template to work to.  I check the shape against pictures as I go.  I am very pleased with the way this has come out.



Next job is to make some feet and legs and then, finally, a plate to mount the owl (Ollie) on.

The eyes are formed on the ends of a short piece of bar using my lathe

Owl face 1

Then the eyes are separated from the bar

Owl face 1a

…..and welded to the eye brows.

Owl face 2

Shaping the face can be a bit tricky – my first attempt, using an off-cut of rod I found under my bench, came out too small.  I draw around the face on a piece of paper and then flip the face over and offer it up to the marked line to make sure the face is symmetrical.

Owl face 3

The beak is formed from a piece of 2mm sheet, slit at the bottom, curved and then welded to form the hook at the bottom of the beak.  Then the eyebrows are welded to the back of the beak together with the rod that will connect the whole to the face.

Owl face 4

Finally the beak and eyes are welded into the face.

Owl face 5