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…..just stumbled across this picture of my grasshopper metal sculpture which is in the ‘wildflower meadow’ in Plymouth – thanks to Chris for posting it on Flickr.


As a keen kayak paddler I see a lot of herons. They like to stand patiently on the river bank, motionless, waiting for an unsuspecting fish to chance along. Sometimes they sit tight as we pass by and other times they will take to the air, often manoeuvring deftly between overhanging trees and bushes, seemingly unhindered by their huge wings in tight spaces. My standing heron metal sculpture is made in steel but with stainless steel beak and eyes to add a little contrast. This sculpture was photographed before the sculpture was fully rusted so the colors and texture will continue to improve.  This sculpture can be seen at Walford Mill Crafts until it is sold.
Heron 1Heron 2


Walford Mill Crafts have asked me for some new work for the Spring season so I’ve been developing a couple of ideas I’ve been mulling over for a while.  I often see Red Kites when I am out and about, whether it be the indigenous Welsh ones which almost died out or the Spanish ones which were ‘re-introduced’ to the Chilterns and are slowly but surely spreading out from there.  Since the real kite is red in color this magnificent bird seems an obvious candidate to be modeled in some lovely rusted steel.  I have made the beak and eyes in stainless steel to provide a little contrast.

Here are a couple of pictures of my attempt.  The sculpture has a wingspan of a around 1015mm.  It needs a little more rusting from when it is shown in the pictures.  You can see this sculpture at Walford Mill Crafts until it is sold.

Red Kite 1Red Kite 2