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Just need the elements to do their part now and provide a nice rusty coating.

Well, that was quite a lay-off – I don’t think I’ve done any sculpture since back in the spring. Back then I started tinkering with a seahorse in a similar style to my rusty free standing fish. I didn’t get far before various outdoor activities and other jobs got in the way. The project has been lying in a corner of my workshop gathering dust behind a pile of bikes. Finally, last week, I picked it up again and, after a tentative start I’m really enjoying getting back to the creative stuff. Here is a picture of the work so far.

At the moment only one side of the head has sheet metal on it – the other side needs to be done and then some sheet curved over the top of the head. A fin and a stand also remain to be added before cleaning it up and leaving it out in the elements to encourage a rich rusty red coating.