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It all seems fairly quiet on the sculpture front, although Walford Mill Crafts are still making some sales of my work. I have started to tinker with a wall hanging boat planter for small plants. It will be like half a boat in stainless steel with mast and rigging and will sit flat against the wall.

Anyway, it is just as well things are a bit quieter through these winter months as I seem to be a bit overstretched with a number of sporting challenges, the main one being to cycle from Trafalgar Point in southern Spain (a few miles west of Gibraltar) to Trafalgar Square, London. The ride will be on a tandem bike with a visually impaired friend of mine and we will have 16 days to make the 3070 Km trip (works out at around 125 miles a day). The route also takes in some big climbs including the Pico Veleta, Europe’s highest road. My friend, Steve, is doing the trip for a charity for visually impaired people Рhis fundraising website is here.

Steve and I are at other ends of the country so we are training separately for the trip – so far my training rides on my solo bike are up to 100 miles but I will be stepping it up as the available hours of daylight improve.