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I wasn’t quite happy with the wings on the bee – she looked a bit too much like a harrier jump jet – so, I cut them off and have moved them down the body slightly. I think she looks better now. I now know that wings on top of the body work for a mosquito but not for a bee!

I’ve been musing about doing a bee for a while and have just, finally, had a chance to have a go at it. She is made from mild steel apart from the wings, legs and antennae which are stainless steel. The antennae are made from an old stainless steel bike spoke – it needed a very quick flick of the trigger to weld those on without blowing the thin wire away!

Here she is completed (but not yet rusted). I was out cycling around Poole Harbour the other day and saw a real cormorant holding the classic wing drying pose – I felt quite satisfied that I had captured the likeness! One of these days I will take to our canoe and paddle one of these sculptures out to a navigation stake for a more ‘true to life’ picture – that would be impressive wouldn’t it?

Not sculpture but a novel little job – someone asked me to make a custom cookie cutter in the shape of a Fiat 500. 1.2mm stainless steel was a bit thicker than it needed to be and was certainly harder to bend into shape than thinner material would have been but it was what I had to hand. I bevelled the cutting edge so it should work just fine. The lady who asked for it plans to embellish the cookies with a bit of icing – yum!