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Coastal Creatives in Southbourne, Bournemouth have taken a few of my pieces to sell – pop in and have a look if you are passing.


I have made a wall mounting version of my rusty outdoor fish – it is basically half a fish with stainless steel mounting bosses by which it can be screwed to the wall. I have made the bosses in stainless steel to avoid the problem of a rusty stain running down the wall where it is mounted.

There is a hint that there may be some interest in my work from Finland so, being easily distracted, I thought I would have a go at a mosquito. Anyone who has ever been to Finland in the summer months will understand the significance of this and this one, at around 500mm wing tip to wing tip, is only slightly less intimidating than the real ones there!!

The body is made in mild steel and the wings, legs and proboscis are made of stainless steel. If displayed outdoors the body would rust leaving the other parts shiny.

Apparently only the female mosquito has a proboscis – I like the male ones best!

The wings are covered with a fine wire mesh which looks quite effective, I think – now, away to pick all of those little cut ends of wire out of my fingers!