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Here is a picture of my wall hanging seahorse in mild steel with welding featured in bronze.


The steel balls I need to make the bee I mentioned a while ago have still not turned up. I have been keeping myself busy making a couple of outdoor fish – one the same as the one on the website and one which is effectively half a fish in the same design for (outdoor) wall mounting. I have welded stainless steel spacers on the wall mounting one so that it can be screwed to a wall but be ‘stood off’ by a centimetre or so such that there is no risk of a rusty stain down the arising from it. Anyway, those are done now so I’m thinking of making an indoor wall hanging seahorse. I have found a kiddies colouring picture which will provide a good starting point for the design. I think I have all the materials I need so I will make a start this morning.

Here are a couple of pictures of my frog….

The bee I mentioned in the last post went on-hold since, when I checked I did not have the right sizes of hollow steel balls in stock to make the head and the thorax. I have ordered some more balls but they are out of stock at the supplier so will take a couple of weeks to turn up.

In the meantime I have been occupying myself having a go at a frog. I have learned one thing and that is that frogs are hard!! It took a couple of go’s at the body and I’m still not completely sure about it but it definitely looks decidedly ‘froggy’. It is finished but needs cleaning up – once I have done this I will post up some pictures.

I’ve completed a big order for the Myofascial Blades I make so the decks are reasonably clear for some more sculpture work. I’ve been thinking for a while about using mesh of some description for insect wings so I have ordered some stainless steel wire mesh to experiment with – fixing the mesh will be a challenge but I have ideas to sandwich it between two stainless steel edging wires. My idea is that the wires will form the outline of the wing and that the wings will be filled in with silvery mesh – hopefully it will work and look good. I’m thinking to have a go at a bee made in mild steel with mesh stainless steel wings.