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Looks like the season is getting under way at Walford Mill Craft Shop – some of the work I had on display over there has been sold already, which is great news.

I delivered the insects to the site in Plymouth on Friday 13th – I imagine they should be installed by now, although the area may still be fenced off. I will get pictures up once the wildflowers (just being seeded when I was there) are established. The area is close to the University – pop along and take a look if you are in the area.

With another guy I successfully completed the Devizes to Westminster Canoe Race in a racing double kayak on Easter Sunday morning, having paddled pretty much continuously from 10:45 the previous day. Even though I have done the race three times before, that must be the toughest 22 hours of my life so far!! The final hours were purgatory!!

My paddling partner Hugh and I completed it in 22:03:57, not my best time but as good as we could expect with absolutely no flow on the Thames owing to all of the dry weather.

According to the ‘provisional’ results we won what I like to call the ‘old gits’ class (over 50s), were 6th of 78 starters in the Vets and 16th out of 155 starters overall in the senior doubles. We are pretty chuffed with that!

I have finished work on the insects for the Plymouth job apart from a final polish up of the wings. I have made some stands for them to go on (supported on their legs) and have made some posts to the top of which the stands will be welded. Nearly there with them now. Here are some pictures of the insects.