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Here is the dragonfly – just need the legs to go on (and a stand which he will be welded to) and a clean-up. The brown residue which may be visible on the wings is spatter release spray – this stops flying gobs of molten metal sticking to the stainless and spoiling it – instead they bounce of and generally head into my shoes – ouch!!

Here is the body for the grasshopper – just the wings and legs to go – I have sculpted the large section of the hind legs. I had to approach the head differently than for the steel one since stainless steel balls of a suitable grade of stainless are not readily available to mimic the ‘two ball’ approach I used for the steel grasshopper (a few posts down).

I collected the metal (expensive stuff, stainless steel) for the insect job so I’m off and running with it now. I’ve cut all of the wings and just cut the major sections of the hind leg for the grasshopper. I’ll put up some pictures of some of the components when I get a minute.

I’ve been training for this year’s Devizes to Westminster Canoe Race since the autumn. The race takes place at Easter every year. I will be taking part in a racing K2 (double kayak) with another guy and we will race through the night from sometime around 11:00 on Easter Saturday until Sunday morning. If it goes reasonably well and conditions are favourable we should complete it in under 24 hours. Last time I did it, in 2010, we won the over 50s class in just under 20 hours. Fingers crossed!

I’ve been asked to make some insect sculptures for a wildlife meadow near the university in Plymouth. These will be a dragonfly, butterfly and a grasshopper, all in stainless steel. The metal is on order – I should be able to start work soon.

I’ve been tinkering with a grasshopper in mild steel (to go outside and be rusted). It’s been a bit tricky in parts but I think it looks OK? Of course it will look a lot better once the shiny freshly worked parts are rusted.

Taking a brief break from metal sculpture as I have an order for the other bits I make (tools for myofascial release).