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I’m in the process of making another crab (the first one is for sale – this one is ours!). Here are all the parts ready for assembly.

I dropped a load of my work at Walford Mill Crafts this morning – pop over and take a look if you are in the area.

No metal sculpture today but I did set up a Twitter account – you can tweet me at @SculptureUK. I’m determined to get to grips with this social media stuff ;-)

Metal Sculpture Crab

These ones are in mild steel…..

edible crab is finished and I’m pleased with her. I’ve adopted a slightly
different approach for the claws to previous crab/lobster attempts – I think
this achieves my closest facsimile of the real item yet. I’m taking her up to
‘Love Fish’ (our local wet fish shop) later to see what the lady there thinks
of her. Photos soon (I only finished her last night and it is a dull day here

I made a fiddler crab (with one huge claw and one small one) a while ago but I’ve just started tinkering with an edible crab. I’ve made the body out of sheet steel with a domed top and bottom seemed together; the eyes are on together with the mouthparts and I’ve given her some ‘pie crust’ crimp marks around the edge of the upper shell. It’s on to the legs and arms/claws today – looking forward to a slightly different challenge.

Cut some petals in thin mild steel ‘freehand’ with my new electric shears to make a new design of flower – quite pleased with it. The stamen are stainless steel panel pins.


Out in the workshop again this afternoon making some flowers in mild steel (similar to the wall hanging flowers on my website) – very cold, even down here in the south of England – I have a quench bucket of water which I use to cool down the hot metal (saves me from the risk of burning my fingers!) and there was ice on it, even after I had quenched a load of red hot metal!

I’ve been pondering for a while about making insect wings out of wire (to mimic the veins or ribs in a real wing) – I’ve had a go and I think it’s a winner!