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We have discovered a great fish shop local to us and they display some fish related craft items in the window. I took a lobster sculpture up there earlier today – take a look (and buy some wet fish) if you are passing Love Fish.

I made a lobster some time ago – I’ve been tinkering with the design and have come up with a version which is a little larger and slightly more three dimensional – I’m very pleased with her and others seem to like her too. As soon as I get a chance on a nice day I’ll take her down to the beach and get some pictures.

Here are some pictures:

Here she is - Libby II

Here she is - Libby II

Walford Mill Crafts have expressed an interest in displaying some of my work so I’ve been busy making some bits and pieces for them. I should be taking some work (insects, lobsters, crab, birds, flowers….) within a week or so.