Archive for March, 2011

Ollie is finished and I’m pleased with him. I just need a picture for the website which shows his swooping posture better than those I have loaded at the moment.

I have put the wings and the tail on – looks good, I think. I just need to make a stand and clean the whole thing up.

I’ve made the wings (both wings in one piece) and have clamped them to the body – it’s starting to come to life. Tail next.

I’ve got the body of the owl done – face, body joined to it, legs and feet attached. It’s at that stage where it is hard to be sure how it will look – it needs to have the wings and tail on to bring it to life. I’m working on the wings at the moment.

I’m having a go at a barn owl swooping down on pray. Have the claws and feet so far – looking good, I think. Face next. The body and feathers will be the same sort of style as the cormorant.

I have finished her – I think she looks OK. I put quite a lot of effort into the body, particularly the abdomen, but that is not really seen because of the wings! I applied some heat to the wings and have ‘blued’ them slightly – looks nice, I think. I need to find a good setting for her and then I can take some pictures and put her on the website.

Had another go at her this afternoon, learning from my mistakes of last time. I now have the head and eyes done – the rest of the body should be reasonably straight forward.

Struggling with the eyes of the butterfly but I think my new approach to the body will work so I will have to have a second attempt, making the head end slightly differently and tackling the eyes first.

Thinking of a butterfly, something I gave some thought to a while ago but couldn’t really settle on a way to get the look for the body. I have some new ideas to try out now so will give it a try – a swallowtail, I think, apparently the UK’s largest butterfly. Will try in stainless steel since I have most of the sizes I need in the workshop already.

I quite liked her propped up on a brick but she looks so much better standing on her own two feet. It’s off to the beach with her shortly to get some pictures for the website.