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I’ve decided, I’m calling her Connie (the cormorant of course). I have given her a beak and eyes – she looks quite good I think. Just the feet and legs to go. I need to order a different size of stainless steel for the ‘toes’ in the webbed feet.

Finished off the wing (welded the sheet stainless steel feathers to the wire frame) and have welded it to the body – looks good, I think. I’m pleased with it. Just the feet, the beak and the eyes to sort out now.

Made a wire (8mm diameter stainless) frame for the wings and started tacking the feathers on using TIG – so far so good. This might just work!

Cormorant doesn’t look like much yet – hoping it will come to life when the wings go on. Spent yesterday afternoon cutting feathers with the plasma machine.