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I produce a variety of artwork ranging from wall hanging pieces and small items for use indoors, to larger sculptures for outdoor display. The outdoor sculptures make perfect focal points for gardens, lawns or patio areas. The smaller pieces make ideal trophies for club competitions. All of my sculptures are great for the home or for business premises such as company reception areas, hotels or restaurants.

This website showcases examples of my work past and present, some of the items are currently for sale. I am delighted to produce bespoke artwork on commission; this might be a variation on one of the themes shown here or could be a development of your own idea.

I am happy to produce sculptures of any size although I generally limit the size and weight of any artwork to that which is manageable by one or two people without the use of lifting equipment.

The majority of items are made in mild steel which has great colour and texture and which somehow seems more appropriate for metal sculpture than, say, stainless steel. For indoor use the steel is easily kept in its natural colour with periodic light application of wax or oil. For outdoor use I prefer to 'rust' the sculpture which gives a wonderful rich brown colour which particularly comes to life in morning or evening light. If preferred the rusted sculpture can be lacquered or waxed to halt the rusting process, although, realistically, my sculptures are all made from sufficiently heavy steel to last many years unprotected. If preferred, I can work in other materials such as stainless steel or I can have sculptures galvanized (although this does add to the cost).


If you would like one of my pieces but are worried about security (either outdoors or in a public place), I should be able to add some kind of screw-down tab or security loop to most pieces on request for a modest fee.

How it's Done

I get inspired when I am out and about kayaking, running, cycling or walking; apart from being out in nature these times are when my mind has a chance to wander. I print anatomical pictures off the internet and scratch my head for a few days. Then I make a start on the components of my new idea, usually starting with what I expect to be the hardest parts. Sometimes I have a false start or two and the scrap bin resounds with the clank of another piece of hot steel bouncing off the rim, but usually it all falls into place and I'm happy with the result.

My Background

Since childhood whilst working with my father, I have developed a keen interest in handicraft of all types including both woodwork and metalwork. Throughout my adult life I have continued to hone these skills, keeping up to date with emerging techniques and enhancing my workshop with better and more professional equipment as household budgets have permitted. More recently I have focused my lifelong interest in metal craft towards metal sculpture and in March 2010 I took voluntary redundancy and early retirement from a professional engineering career to allow time to cultivate this new found passion.

Techniques Methods and Skills

My work is underpinned with the electric arc welding processes of MIG (Metal Inert Gas), TIG (Tungsten Inert Gas) and MMA (Manual Metal Arc Welding). I love the permanence of fusing metal together with molten filler, there is something primeval about it but the processes are also quite technical.

The shapes are cut and worked up using a range of tools from the traditional hand tools of metalwork (such as saw, file and hammer) to a powerful hand guided plasma cutter.

The small metal turning lathe I have in my workshop is great for producing small items, such as eyes, to complement my fabricated artwork.

Current Project:

To see what I am working on take a look at my Blog.